The Hour-Long Journey

  My Mama loved singing, “In the Garden” because she loved the intimate moments with the Lord. I love them too. From the morning sunrises, the fluttering butterflies, the birds who visit… and being in His word, praying in the prayer room – a special place. As I delight in the Love

What’s New?

Ah Autumn! The leaves are changing and inspiring us to make changes. As we tuck our summer activities to bed, and we await cooler weather, we anticipate sweater season, boot season, and all the upcoming holidays. It is a time we also begin assessing or goals and dreams. How well

Bending Steel

This was an article I wrote while I was single and living in New York in 2011. It is one I still share today when I find someone who needs this encouragement. Monday, September 19, 2011 It is no secret; I have started my life over again and I happen to be

MIL’s and DIL’s

Last year, I dealt with something somewhat hurtful and I felt like there was nothing I could do, but give it to the Lord. I couldn’t fix it with kindness, I couldn’t fix it with advice. I just had to leave it in God’s hands and trust. Even for the

Josh Groban and the Grofan Boozers

Anyone who appreciates music - real music, would like listening to Josh Groban. Lou took me to his concert in Nashville last night. It was certainly an experience like I never had. The young man had me liking him back when he sang “You Raise Me Up” and he was clean-shaven.