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About Creature Habits

In Creature Habits, you will find photos, stories, and videos of animals! Most of them are ours, but I delight in all types of animals and will also have posts about others. To start us off, Let me share a few photos of our animals. 

We have two greyhounds named Spec (male) and Sweetie (female) who have their own apartment (our garage) and are retired from racing. Both are winners in our book! We had a third named Baby (female) and we lost her this year.





Jason walking the Greys

Next in our household at Whisper Run Farm, are our indoor pups, Dolly (female) and Domino (male). Domino is a maltipoo and he was solid black and white fluff-ball when we got him. He will be turning three years old in December of this year. Dolly is a maltese and she is half Domino’s size. They do not shed and they are just bundles of joy! I definitely recommend these breeds for indoor pets.

Domino as a wee pup

Dolly as a wee pup

Domino grown

Dolly Grown

Even though they are inside doggies,

they are also farm dogs!

Dolly made Daddy her person

(I’m Domino’s person)

Next at Whisper Run (home) are our mouser cats, Rusty and Pepper. They have their own apartment, too (our sunroom). They stay in the sunroom at night and we let them outside during the day. They are wonderful for keeping mice away during the farmers’ harvest!

Rusty enjoys the pups

Rusty (the tabby) 

Pepper (the coon)


Rust and Pepper in

their apartment

Pepper needs to be a she,

he has that sass!

That concludes the introduction of the seven-minus-one animals we have living with us at Whisper Run Farm. Whisper Run is the name of our farm home and except for our (domestic) animals the only other thing that ‘says’ farm here is an old tobacco barn when this land used to be farmed for tobacco. You will find several sunrise photos with our barn as a focal point in the Nature section.

And now for the animals we have at Grace Reins Ranch. We bought property a mile up the road from our home and while in church, my husband said he thought of the name for our small nine acre ranch. Grace Reins started out as a horse boarding facility and we had four girls who boarded their thoroughbred/Appendix  horses with us. Three girls who attended MSU in Murray also rented the ranch house.

After my husband and I acquired two Tennessee Walker babies of our own, a colt named Legend and a filly named Suede, our ranch took on a different direction and we weaned ourselves away from the English/Eventing discipline and boarding, and we became a Western ranch. After the girls moved out, our youngest son  Andrew and his family moved into the ranch house and he worked at Tractor Supply and helped me with the ranch projects. 

After taking down electric fencing, Dickie Farly built our wooden fence all along the property changing the whole look. We have had eight different horses all together in our family (not including the four boarded horses). Along with Legend and Suede, Andrew adopted “Outlaw” a black Morgan. The three got a long fairly well, except for Legend’s coltish ways.

Andrew’s destiny was to become a policeman and he was hired for a position back in Chattanooga, so he, his wife Stephanie, and our granddaughter Ellie Cheyenne moved out leaving the ranch open for it’s next phase – our son Jonathan and his kids will live there (along with his twin brother Nathan temporarily). 

Our twin sons Jonathan and Nathan decided to move from Chattanooga to Kentucky and live in the ranch house. We have a lot of remodeling to do, so at this point, they are living with Jason and I until the remodel is complete. They take care of the ranch for us now and we have recently sold and given all our horses we acquired away – except for three Tennessee Walkers.

While Andrew lived here, we acquired a big black Draft/Percheron horse names Cleo, and three quarter horses names Rocky Top (a sorrel) Cinnamon (also a sorrel) and Liberty (a grey mare). Cleo was great with people, but she was not good with the other horses and she injured Cinnamon pretty badly, so we sold her to a gentleman who planned to use for a carriage service – which was perfect for her.

When Andrew moved, he had sold Outlaw, and then I acquired my dream horse Smokey a Tennessee Walker I used to take care of in Chattanooga – his owner became ill and gave him to me. Smokey was the only only horse I ever really wanted, but while waiting to see if I would ever get to have him, it was good to have these other horses in our lives.

After a really hard winter taking care of Rocky, Cinnamon, Liberty Smokey, Legend and Suede, we knew we had to down size. Six horses were just too much to give all my attention and time too. I loved them all, but I wanted better for them. 

We sold our Sweet Liberty to our farrier Bill Samples. I knew he loved her the moment he met her so that was pretty easy to let her go to someone I knew loved her. The two sorrels, Rocky and Cinnamon were donated to a Special Needs camp in Georgia.

That left us with the two babies who are now four and ready for breaking, and my Smokey. 


We had two great barn cats at the ranch named Buddy and Lightning. They were great cats, but after Andrew moved off, and we didn’t have anyone living at the ranch, they and any other cat we tried to have there ran off even though we still would come our to the ranch every day. So we are now training two new kitties Sammy and Milo to be barn cats and they are not allowed out yet until the twins move in and they are old enough. 

Since the twins and our grandarlins Landon and Kylee (Jonathan’s children) have lived with us, we have acquired more animals at the ranch – their Old English Sheep dog (and Newfoundland mix) named Panda, a stray we took in named Oreo (we think she is a blue tick/hound) and two goats named Freddie and Fritz and a pig named Abigail. 

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