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Got Him!

When I was a little girl, my Mama used to scold me under her breath, whenever I was so ‘bold’ to speak my mind. But at age four, that’s all I knew to do. To tell it like it is.
Some things never change, but I hope since then, I have learned proper boundaries, and etiquette – without being untrue to myself. But I am still sometimes bold in asking my Heavenly Father for special gifts that delight me.
One time only, did I throw a tantrum as a child, when I wasn’t given something I asked for. Mama quickly taught me that was not acceptable, by making me ‘ashamed of myself’. As an adult, I don’t like shaming – we women feel that enough as it is, but I was then aware not to misbehave if I didn’t get my way and I never threw anymore tantrums, especially since Mama rewarded me with praise when I had asked for something soon after, and I respected the answer “no.”
So yesterday, I asked God for a special gift. I asked for my pretty, red cardinal to land in the Weeping Cherry tree and to let me get a picture. Now, I am novice in capturing wildlife and still have not mastered focusing on a small object with my zoom lens, without the broader subject being sharper than the small object in which I was trying to capture. Occasionally, I hit the nail on the head, but it’s few and far between.
For me to be so bold as to ask God to let me capture “Rupert” in the tree was asking a lot. Still, I asked. We are to come as a child, right? And, my inner four-year-old self would ask for what I wanted and NOT be ashamed. However, after having learned to trust the process if the answer is no, I told God… “…even ANY bird…. just please bring a bird to my Weeping Cherry, and let me get a fairly clear picture…
                           …at least before all the blossoms fall off… 
                                                                                         …if You will…”
Yesterday was cloudy and no birds were really around. I had forgotten about my quest and was totally fine with “no” because I still had hope for another day. Guess who popped up in the Cherry tree this morning? Rupert! My red Cardinal!
Oh, he was so pretty with his bold, red color against the soft, pink petals. I took a few, but only needed one of them to come out clear.
And just for laughs… God also let me capture a honey bee! What a wonderful gift! Most of the time I don’t ask for special gifts, yet I am aware of the Father’s Love, and how He speaks to my heart, and I am grateful each day! But, when lil Jenny asks her Heavenly Daddy for something really special… He delights in giving to me.
He’s not my genie, to grant my every wish, but He loves me as a Father should with ‘no’ as well as ‘yes’ …and is as delighted as I am, when He does something special.

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