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A Matter of Life and Death

It was during a recent walk with my Greyhound, that projected a picture in my mind, about Life and Death. Death can seem so morbid to think about, however, when we lose a loved one, it seems that is all we can think about in the grieving process. Several questions arise and many go unanswered. .

Death is not something we think of as beautiful, but for believers, it is “after” death, wherein the beauty lies.

As I walked along the road with Sweetie, and noticed the corn fields fully grown and starting to change color. The lively green stalks were now a deep green with the husk yellowing and getting crisp. I thought about our Kentucky farmers with these large crops – the corn they grow is not for picking ripe, boiling, and eating – it is sold as grain, for making corn syrup for big companies, or perhaps grain for cattle feed. It is usually October before the farmers harvest the dried out crops. The corn nearly dies before it is ready to be used for its intended purpose.

I started thinking about living things – plants and vegetation, in which we use to sustain life. Whether it is to feed us, or our animals, it takes living organisms to sustain us. Everything that lives must die. The foods we eat must be harvested, in which they no longer grow and will die – in order to sustain us that we might live. 

Then it hit me… that is exactly the picture of what Christ did for us.

As I study my bible and the Old Testament; through all the wars and killings, and good kings and bad kings –  the big picture throughout the OT is to show us a Holy God, and our need for Holiness. Sacrificed animals, grains, holy rituals… were temporary fixes. Something had to die in order for us to live. Enter the New Testament. Jesus. The ultimate sacrifice. The unblemished Lamb of God, who had to die in order that we might Live.

Real Life. Tzoa.

But not only did Jesus die for us once and for all, for our past, present and future sins; there is still death that is needed. No, not for Salvation – our gift of eternal Life is freely given by Grace, through what Jesus did once and for all. But in order to live a Godly, full Life – real life… we must die to self each day. 

We are flesh. It is our nature to sin, though as believers, we will move away from a sinful lifestyle. The sins we now commit may go unnoticed until the Holy Spirit makes us aware. Sins of omission – the things we should do, but don’t. Sin of false pride, of gluttony, of selfishness – seeking the things of this world. Just as a plant, or crop has to die in order to bring life, so must we. 

The next time you pass a cornfield, or you look at the broccoli on your dinner plate… think about Life and Death – what died for you …to live. And thank Jesus for His death and Resurrection that has brought you real Life

“Behold, I make all things new.”

Rev. 21:5

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