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Giving To The Givers

Another day – the same as yesterday where opportunity abounds.

Someone needs a kind word, support in their business, or a like or a share on their Facebook page.

A compliment is given genuinely so.

A hug, a note, a gift, and prayers – oh, the many prayers to be prayed on their behalf.

Most don’t even know.

But God does.

That is all that matters, right?


What is in it for the giver? If that’s even a question – they aren’t indeed givers.

They give because they don’t know how not to give.

It certainly isn’t for the accolades or the false compliments meant to appease.

It isn’t because they need something in return – even though everyone needs kindness.

They give because of what God has done in their own lives.

They give because they are overflowing.

They cannot contain the Love He has given,

And they cannot hold back the mercy and grace they received and must give to others.

Their lives have not always been without pain.


It is pain that has caused them to love and empathize with others and want to brighten their day because their days have been wrought with such grief.

Givers want to bring joy and happiness to others because they have found joy in their own lives.

It isn’t joy from having excess. Or satisfaction from always being a success.

It is a joy that comes deep within, having learned humility. Knowing what it is like to go unnoticed. And having a giving heart to care that others need a touch.

Supporting their business – buy their book, write a review of their book, promote them. I have several friends who have written books, and I understand how hard it is while writing my book yet to be published. Especially in a day and age where most people don’t take time to read anymore. We scroll.


Even if they have a business in which you have no interest – support them online by giving a like or a share. Go to your friends’ restaurants, their boutiques, and shops. And if they sell something you don’t need, perhaps buy an item you can give to someone else – and the giving keeps giving.

Today, the marketplace is online – take time to like and share. Like and share. What does that cost?

Others who do not have a business need our love and support in other ways – find out where.

Are they blogging? Are they sharing photos of things that are a part of themselves?

Are they giving to the community with their financial support? Or their time? Their giving is tenfold. It keeps giving. We may not have their gifts of organization, time, or money to do what they do, so what areas can we give back?


If all you can do is pray for someone – that is a lot in itself – but let them know you care.

Too many times, givers are taken for granted. And even though it is their nature to give, they can feel drained from doing all the giving on any given day or a moment.

Look for the givers and give back.

Giving a compliment if nothing else – but not to embarrass them – a giver doesn’t want the accolades, but a simple kind word in private letting them know you see them – is better than a forced compliment.

And if you are feeling generous, the most valuable gift you can give them is your time and attention.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Do I show the people I care about that I am interested in them?” It’s not simply asking about their day – go beyond that. Genuinely take time to see the gifts they bring to this world and not discount them as unimportant. Especially if they are caregivers or holding down the fort. They sacrifice their time and efforts for others – what do you see?


Do you see only what they do that makes your life easier? Or do you see them?

What are their gifts aside from what they do for you or the community or at church? What are their talents or skills, or interests? What brings them joy? Find out what that is and be a part of that. It might not be your thing – you might find your interests are where you’d like to spend your time, but we all need to be givers sometimes. Your gifts may not be their gifts in life, but to join them for a moment in what speaks to them, lets them know they are seen and not invisible. They seem strong, but everyone has their breaking point. Everyone needs an occasional nudge to keep keeping on.

Christmas time is a busy time for everyone. If you want to give to someone who is a giver in your family or your inner circle – or even your outer circle – someone you barely know, find what moves them and join them.

Find what they are praying for and help them pray. Send a personal note, give a thoughtful compliment, like or share what people promote online. When you send a gift – try not to look for a generic gift you would pick up without thought, but one that speaks to their heart that says – you know me. And that may be a gift that is not monetary.

The givers will always be givers. But on occasion, as they make an effort to fill our tank, we need to remember to help fill their tank.



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