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Never have I remembered when everything seemed to be orchestrated so well as the last eight months. It is true, I got busy or lazy when keeping up my website, so I have a lot of catching up to do – so much that it is probably impossible, so I should just keep going from here. 

One thing though, that has a back story I will need to share, is a project I began in November of 2019, in which I shaved my head. I had begun writing for VUE Magazine, and decided to write about the project. Of course, Covid-19 changed things and has put a halt to my articles with VUE so I think I will just continue this journey right here.

What made me do it? Did I have a “Brittany moment” and go on a tangent? No. I had been thinking about it for a while, and as I have colored or highlighted my hair since I was 14 years old, I had damage yes, but I also did not know what my real hair color was anymore. I knew from my roots, that it had gotten darker from my youthful golden brown hair that I pretty much kept blonde.

Another  more important reason was that I had a few friends who had lost their hair while fighting cancer. I wanted to shave mine in solidarity with a close friend who was re-growing hers back. And, I wanted to write about it, as I discovered how I was treated, how I felt about myself, and how others felt about their hair. I thought it would make for an interesting project. So I did it. I am growing it back out, but for eight months it has taken forever just for the top to have ‘life’. 

The good timing part, was that I did it during winter where I could wear a lot of hats. And, that when we were quarantines this spring and hair salons closed, I did not need my roots touched up or even a haircut! So I think it was planned well considering I had no idea we would be closing our cities down.

Another good timing event is what I had recently written about in Topics, on The Chosen Series. How wonderful to have a show to watch (and binge) during the quarantine. I believe even their promoting this series helped that we were quarantined, because people were looking for things to watch. People were online more. Wow – God knew what was coming and He set things in motion perfectly!

And then, as we were home bound for church, it has been great timing that several pastors learned how social media could be used as a tool to spread the Gospel! Many who shied away from social media were discovering how many soul can be reached on the social media platform. And what great timing! We have experienced a God Movement just when we needed it, as the world would deal with such pain on the current events regarding the crimes that were used to spread controversy and hate. 

I just really see God on the move and if you haven’t gotten your ‘house in order’ (your spirit/soul) I think you better grab the Holy Word of God and receive what He has for you. This world is not our home… we need to be thinking Kingdom – minded now more than ever. The things of this world will destroy itself, but the Kingdom of God reigns! Hallelujah. 

I will share more about my hair project under the tab “Project Break Up” and I hope you will follow along at my progress. 


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