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Jenerally Speaking: The Lost Year

The year 2020 is already being dubbed as “the lost year” and we are only in May; but as we are beginning to re-open partially, we still have  long way to go in recovering any normalcy of our lives. The good thing is, we are in this together. It’s not just one community going through these changes while the rest f the world moves on. However, different states have different rules to follow.

Here in Kentucky, we have a Governor who is updating us each and every day at four O’clock in which we call,  “The Andy Hour.” Andy Bashear has been pretty strict with Kentucky. While other places open, we are barely getting to open certain businesses, but there are many guidelines thrown at us if we do  open.

My church for instance, has so many stipulations for re-opening, that our pastor feels it is best to wait until we can re-open all the way. Because our church has never been ‘closed’ – we have still been meeting as a church body, through online services. However, we are a large church with four services on Sunday, so if we chose to re-open with only percentages of people, while wearing masks and not being able to sing or be close to others, we felt we would rather wait until we can truly worship at church, with our hugs, our songs of praise and the full body of members. So we will continue to have church online, worshiping together in our homes.

It feels like this year hasn’t even started and we are just now coming out of winter. I forget, did the groundhog even see his shadow? For what was predicted an early spring, I think we all want a do-over in western Kentucky.

Along with the quarantine, the cold mornings and rain nearly every day, this year still has my mindset at January, ready to start the new year. What year is it again?

I had such hopes for 2020. We all thought we would have 20/20 vision this year with new thoughts and ideas, only to be stagnant and with fear of the unknown. At first, we didn’t know what hit us, and then shortly after bonding together in prayer and wonder, we soon saw the divide of our country once again with those spreading more fear, while others saying it is hype and that it’s time to move on. The thing is, we are all just trying to cope. I have read many posts on Facebook of the two sides, and I find logic on both sides, but I opt to stay out of it.

I saw the need for us having been on lock down., but I personally disagree with closing certain businesses while leaving others open (I also feel their were plenty of political reasons for certain decisions made). I don’t think the cloth masks being worn  do much good if in fact, we are staying six feet away. I believe much of the measures we have been told to take will only hurt our immune systems in fighting any diseases.

So I am not a fan of the masks, but I don’t jump on a soap box on Facebook telling others they should not wear them. I just personally believe some things have been taken too far, but this is a new thing for us, and how we handle it as a nation will be argued about anyway. I choose not to argue, and to look for the good.

What’s good about this year?

Probably more than we recognize. But I have seen enough in my own life, to be grateful.  I am grateful, that my husband could still go to work, even if he closed the doors to the public in the beginning. I am grateful that my sons still had their jobs. And I am grateful for the extra time of “less.” Less to do, less expected. Many people realize how busy we had made ourselves, and have actually enjoyed not having the pressure to “do” it all.

One thing I have been thrilled about is the enlightenment I have seen in many pastors who had once sworn off of social media. Now, they are realizing the platform it gives to reach more people for Christ. I think some pastors didn’t want to encourage having church services online (pre-Covid) for fear people would stay home. But those of us who love our church and meeting together will of course still physically go to church when able, however it is so nice to have the option if we miss to be able to watch it online, and I believe pastors are deciding to keep having Christ’s message available online even when we return to the physical building of church.

I have been “binging Jesus” online and on tv. I have loved having my church online as well as watching others’ churches online and a new series called The Chosen, that I have been watching on Pureflix. That series is amazing. There are Christian movies that come across as ‘cheesy’ because of the production/acting, but The Chosen series is produced by the son of the producer of Left behind. A well respected, talented producer himself, he has brought The Chosen to a whole new level in Christian television. I will share more more with you on this in Topics.

Whatever you have been doing during this quarantine, I hope you have found the positives in your life, that you have released your fears into the hands of our Lord, and that you still hope. The year 2020 will certainly be one we won’t forget, but I hope it is one that you can look back and remember a huge growth spurt in your spirit and mentality.


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