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There’s A Change A Comin!

My husband and I have been practicing minimalism in our daily lives by throwing out things we have kept which only take up space, or no longer bring us joy. We have also done this with our eating lifestyle. Minimalism is a good thing, because it helps us enjoy our lives when we aren’t as cluttered in our homes, our bodies, or our activities. 

I think Covid-19 helped many people discover minimalism as we de-cluttered our lives while staying at home. I suspect Angel’s Attic saw more donations than usual during the spring cleaning months. 

And as I am actively on my website again, I find that I can minimize the menu bar. That old saying, “Less is more” comes to mind. Too much can overwhelm.

So I will be moving a few things to the Lifestyle Tab, as I feel that title can carry multiple subjects. My brother in-law is nodding his head right now, as he tried to tell me this when I first started my website. I’m listening, brother.

You will now find Happily Married Discoveries, Willie Mae, and Project Hair all under the Lifestyle tab. I am adding one new tab though, because I feel it needs a place all its own and for articles to be easy to find, as they will be profiles of people in Murray and Calloway County.

The Profiles tab will be a feature, and I am hoping to begin with one a month, and maybe later do two a month. I would love for you to write in and tell me who you would like to see me interview and write a profile (and I will need their contact information).

Also, after trying my hand with the Murray Mirror – something I really enjoyed, I would love to publish on this website anything you would like to write or share. I enjoyed publishing what my 30 volunteers were offering, but I closed TMM when my mother passed away. Instead of trying to start a magazine back up, I would just like to add a few things we did with TMM on this website, without pressure of it needing content every week. Feel free just to use this website as a platform to write about or share photos of anything you’d like to have published.

If you have something for Lifestyles, Creature Habits, Nature, or Topics send it to or if you know of someone you’d like to have me interview, send me their contact information.

Thank you for reading!

Jen J. Billington 

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