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Get Used to Different

“Get Used to Different” is one of the catch phrases in The Chosen series, produced by Dallas Jenkins.

There’s a new kid in town, and his name is Dallas Jenkins, creator of The Chosen series (though he isn’t a kid and certainly not new) but his current project is all kinds of new.

First of all, there has never been a multi season show about Jesus and secondly, few funded Christian programs have been produced with this quality.

The Chosen is a series still in production, however the first season is out and available, being enjoyed by countless people who find this a refreshing take on Christian entertainment. 

Watching Dallas’ videos on Facebook, in telling about the process, or talking about the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and watching behind the scenes of how this series has impacted others, has me truly amazed. Dallas is one of a kind. 

Where his father’s blazed trail may have spurred him into film-making, it is clear, that this project for Dallas came from his Heavenly Father spurring him. I personally have watched the first season – all eight episodes through six times, and I am sure I will continue my binge-watching until the second season comes out.

What is different about this series, is how everything fits together. It’s great writing, great producing, great casting, great acting – can I just say it’s GREAT? But other than having a winning production, in which Dallas and his team (and even the fans) market well – it is also the timing of things.

Who but God, could work it to the good, while a world pandemic is going on? Locked in your homes? Binge Jesus! Need something new to watch? Here, we have something for you…

After watching the first eight episodes of this series, I was so moved, that I also want to promote it. I have purchased and sent out DVD’s to people who couldn’t get the app or who didn’t know about it. I follow on Facebook and watch all the latest vlogs from Dallas. I have re-posted several clips from The Chosen and told others about it. And of course am a member of The Chosen Army – tee shirts and all! That’s how excited I am about others seeing it.

This is something you can grasp, there is delightful humor in just the right places, and there are moving scenes that leave you emotional. I think people can identify with at least one of the characters portrayed in the first season.

Maybe they identify with Mary, who lived a horribly painful life before Jesus “called her by name” and changed her life. 

Maybe they identify with Simon, who is a bit rough around the edges, but his heart is sold out for the Lord. A favorite scene of mine is when Simon kneels before Jesus confessing that he is not a good man and to turn away from him. And Jesus shows compassion.

Jesus is portrayed by Jonathan Roumie, and I must say, his portrayal is how I see Jesus. He has just the right mannerisms and expressions. Authoritative, yet gentle. Devoted to the Father, a leader, yet one with the people, teaching them. 

And I love that Jesus can joke since God created a funny bone in me, I need to see Jesus laugh. When I watch as Jesus chooses half of his disciples in this first season, I see the Bible come alive.

The events I read in the Bible, are in an account form, not in a flowing story; and sometimes I can read passages and not relate because it goes from one thing to another, and it is hard for me to imagine the back story. I don’t know the customs or the back story; but watching the truth of the Bible being put in a series, really satisfies my imagination and wonder.

Dallas tells about his research and how he stayed as true to scripture as possible, while being able to tell a story. Not ‘adding to the scriptures’ but, giving us a glimpse of what God has put on his heart in the things we don’t read about. 

The things not mentioned in scripture, we are left for us to imagine or try to understand and this series helps me to do that. Dallas urges us to read our Bibles, but hopes that this series will help spread Jesus’ message of Love.

It’s clearly about the heart. The characters’ lives that are changed when meeting Jesus, takes us back to the day we met Him. How He changed our lives. 

Another favorite scene of mine is about Nicodemus, and the meeting he had with Jesus. His hunger to know more, and you could see that he wanted to believe, but when it came down to it, his position in life, his wife and family, all factored in his final decision to not follow Jesus. And I love the emotion Jesus shows, and that Nicodemus shows during that moment. And it breaks my heart.

Then, to see Jesus with the children also touched my heart. Really ALL of it touched me. I have too many favorite scenes, to name them all, but I hope that if you haven’t heard of The Chosen, or if you have but haven’t downloaded the app, or found it on Pureflix, or bought the DVD, that you WILL. 

When I watched the first episode, it took a while for me to get to know the characters and to follow, but at the end of the first episode –  Jesus shows up and I am ready to keep watching to the second episode. I recommend watching the first two back to back, it helps in getting to know the characters.

The Chosen is a funded project to insure that bigger production companies would not take liberties to change what Dallas has prayed over, and carefully orchestrated. God has used Dallas’ talents, but it is clear He is in this project every step.

After you watch the trailer from the link below, please consider going to the Chosen app or their Facebook page and donating. Or by purchasing really cool things from their online store, or whatever is on your heart to do; so that this series will keep coming. God is already doing amazing things with this team. 

Please follow The Chosen on Facebook (and Instagram) and download the app today.

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