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Ah Autumn! The leaves are changing and inspiring us to make changes. As we tuck our summer activities to bed, and we await cooler weather, we anticipate sweater season, boot season, and all the upcoming holidays. It is a time we also begin assessing or goals and dreams. How well did we do with this years goals, and what is on the horizon for next year? 

For me personally, I have been enjoying all the seasons and have spent time outdoors, but I also have been writing a book. I am on chapter 23 right now and hope to be near an end by the year’s end. I also began trying something new with VUE Magazine in Paducah, Kentucky, in which I will be writing a bi-weekly blog.

I have added a tab here on my website where you can see the links and go directly to the VUE blog.

That is what has been going on professionally, and as far as my family life goes, our twins and grandchildren moved out of our house and to the ranch house up the road. This gave Jason and I more time to focus on personal goals – such as our weight.

He and I had gained to our highest weight when we had a family of six in the household. We all ate junk and we all gained weight. Well, except for Landon – he is just all leg. After they moved out, the twins began their own health plan and so did me and Jason. And Kylee had a growth spurt, and has been eating less junk. I have to say, that we and I have FINALLY been successful. 

I think mostly, because Jason and I felt so sick, and were always achy, that we decided NO MORE DIETS! No more yo-yo-ing up and down. We decided whatever we did, it had to be LASTING and not temporary. Whenever beginning a diet, the intention is to always be lasting, but for some reason we still allow ‘cheat day’ or ‘when we are off our diet…’ talk. But this time we said, “This is it – no turning back. THIS is how we eat – for LIFE!”

And that is why we are successful. We didn’t really jump on any bandwagon, but I know there is a lot of hype about Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free ‘diets’. We are doing our own thing and not buying into hype. I researched about our gut health, and being gluten free, and dairy free, soy free and omitting processed food and refined sugars and eating organic, whole foods.  So, I couldn’t even tell you the name of what we are doing, because this is just the way we eat now. Forever. The only cheating we do is actually not cheating, we just say ‘we do the best we can’ when we cannot eat organic and have to eat out, but we still make good choices. As long as we can be 80/20 in our efforts- we win.

I believe Jason and I have such tenacity, our efforts are more 90/10 or better, in our staying power. We really enjoy eating this way and will never ‘go off’ because it is not a diet. We simply don’t want the food that made us so sick. Dairy gave me headaches, gluten made us bloated or gave us heartburn and the refined sugar (and processed foods that contained refined sugars) kept us ADDICTED and always craving foods that were bad for us.

We also gave up caffeine. But in all that we gave up – we gained MORE FREEDOM. Freedom to eat good food that is benefiting our body and giving us energy. We don’t need coffee, we don’t need cheese, we don’t need sweets… I LOVE not craving things and just being content. I also love that since May of this year, we have both lost over 30 pounds.  We feel ten years younger, not just because of the weight loss, but because of eliminating inflammation, restoring our gut health and adding REAL FOOD. 

We couldn’t be happier. Jason has even been swimming, biking and running. We have so much energy now, we feel like we have been given our lives back and it is so fun to see what we can do now. When you have energy there is more that you want to do!

So this website is no longer back burner. I actually leave the house again and have something to write about!

I am passionate about the change in our bodies, so I will be talking a lot about that, but I also am excited about just ‘doing’! We have joined the GSP class at Church, which is God’s Special People, for individuals with special needs. Sometimes, teaching or volunteering in whatever way we are needed, and just BEING THERE. Though some of the class is older than us, I still call them our ‘kids’ because they have the heart of a child. And we care about them as our own. 

This get’s you caught up with us a little, and now I am ready to get back on track with writing! 

Thanks for reading!


Before and After photos

May to September 2019


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