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Inch By Inch

Written in December

It has now been two months since I broke up with my hair. I have to admit, I have loved the ease of not having hair. The first month I would wake up and not worry with bedhead.

It is strange to see how the natural direction of your hair grows when you have very little hair. I thought I might try to comb it to the opposite side, but it just won’t do it. It lays over to the right side perfectly, so there is no changing it up until having the weight of long hair.

In December, I noticed some growth even though it was still quite short; and that’s when I started getting bedhead. Thankfully, all it takes to remedy that problem is splashing water through my hair, towel dry it and comb it, taking all of one minute. If I wash it with shampoo, it takes less than two.

It did take me longer putting on makeup at first, since I’m wearing more, but now I have established a routine of applying my makeup and can apply it ten minutes.

Yes, I have felt such freedom to not be bogged down with hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners; but I also have felt liberated to not worry with a bad hair day.

I don’t worry about my schedule revolving around the time it takes to do my hair. I don’t worry about working out and then having to be somewhere. It makes a big difference in my consistency of going to the gym, knowing I can grab a quick shower and be ready in no time.

But my new found freedom is even more than that. To know that I am not held back by my hair is a nice change. 

Windy day? I don’t have to wear a hat or ponytail before going to the ranch.

Rain? I am not worried at all if my hair gets wet. And now that I am growing out virgin hair- having no color or highlights, I don’t worry about my roots growing out or sitting at the salon for two hours.

My hair, though probably only an inch long, is soft and silky. I can see that my natural color is darker than when I was a teenager, and the gray coming through is a pretty silver. 

With it only being and inch long, I still can’t tell how it is going to look when it finally grows long enough to lay down.

I admit, I wasn’t excited about Christmas photos with my family, but I also was not ashamed or embarrassed.  It’s a very different feeling than when you are overweight and don’t want to be in pictures. Hair doesn’t bother me in that same way. And after losing 40 pounds last year, it helps in my confidence with the shave. 

I volunteered as a greeter for the Gentry House’s Pictures with Santa event and was able to wear a toboggan with antlers and paint my face as a deer and I didn’t have to put my hair up in my hat or wear a ponytail. That was fun.

Now after two months, I am getting a little bored with the same hairstyle. It’s a good thing I can change things up a bit with hats, and I can have fun with different looks.

So far, I don’t regret shaving off my hair. In fact, I have met other ladies since I did this, who I have enjoyed talking to and getting their perception.

By the way, I ditched my wig after only two Sundays at church and I feel comfortable wearing my own very short hair there. So I would like to donate my wig to someone without hair, who needs it. Please email me if you know of someone.

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