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The Break Up

Written November 2019

Most of the women I know have a love/hate relationship with their hair. I have friends who keep the same style they have had for twenty years (and if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it). But they still have bad hair days too. Some days, they wish they could do something different.


Then, I have friends like me, who are always changing their hair. I don’t know if their reason is because they like the variety and freedom to choose, or if they have damaged their hair so much they are continually trying to make it better. These are probably both of my reasons. I do like variety and that is why I like my hair long. I love the many different things I can do with long hair.

But last month, I was at a breaking point with my hair. I was tired of seeing damage when I had tried to get my hair healthy. I was tired of cleaning hair from my drain.  I was tired of my hair strangling me at night when I slept and tired of braiding it so it wouldn’t strangle me. Sure, I could cut it, but no matter how many inches I took off, I would still have the problem of my dark roots growing out and highlighting my hair each month to keep up the blonde style.

The next step was telling my husband. Of course he loves my hair long, but he is supportive no matter what I want to do to my hair. This was a bit different, yes, but as he heard my reasons, he supported me. I also think a little part of him might have thought I wouldn’t go through with it.

When I privately posted on Facebook to a small group of ladies in a bible study group, a few of my friends stayed quiet when I told of what I was doing. I am sure they didn’t know what to think, but eventually, I received ore support. I also started a page called Being Bold Being Bald. I started with a video about why I was doing it. Then I changed my emoji to a bald emoji and said, “Coming soon.”

The BBBB page is open to anyone, but I wanted my personal Facebook friends to LIKE the page if they wanted to follow this journey with me because I won’t post my baldness or my journey on my personal Facebook because I know many friends who are busy and who quickly scroll through their newsfeed, and would miss the “why.” They might come up with their own perceptions. I didn’t want that. So on my personal Facebook wall, I only posted the video telling of what I was doing and the reasons behind it, and I told my friends if they want to follow, to go to the 4B page and LIKE it, to follow.

About 75 of my friends decided to follow. On the day to brave the shave, Daisy and I took a video of her shaving my head and I posted it on the 4B page. And for Jen’s VUE readers, I have attached the YouTube link of the video at the end of this article.

I have already experienced touching moments, as well as comical. Stay tuned to Jen’s VUE for this ongoing story as I plan to talk with other women about their hair and talk with cancer survivors who have experience not having hair. I am excited about this journey and who God places in my path.

Watch the Video Here:

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