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It is good to have goals. Goals that challenge us, goals that drive us and give us reward. We have Spiritual goals, marital goals, physical goals, financial goals and personal goals. 
A few questions to ask are; who is in charge of our goals? Who benefits from it? Is what we strive for, getting in the way of what God is doing?
I believe goals are important,  and I believe there is only one way to be successful in our goals and our dreams. 
First, we must recognize who is in charge of the goal. If it is ‘us’ then we are already setting ourselves up for failure. 
God must be in charge of our goals.  Our purpose in life is not to be the richest, to be the fittest, or to be…  first. The Bible even tells us, the first will be last in Heaven. 
So how should we begin with the goals placed in our heart? If, we truly line our hearts with God’s the way we say we do, then of course, it starts with God.
God is in charge. When we are in line with God’s will, He places the desire for our goals in our heart. And we must first acknowledge that the goal is His, and to know we can’t do it without Him.
Then, we need to be aware  of our focus as we strive for our goals.  It is easy to lose our focus and get caught up in our own ambition. We need to always check our heart. Am I doing this for me? How does this goal fit in the Kingdom? Do I care about that? Is my drive, causing difficulty for others?
We also need  to consider our time spent. Do we give more time to our personal goals than we do to God? To our family? Assess how many hours in the day you devote to your goals. Then compare it with the time you are giving to God each day. And, to your family. 
If our personal goals tip the time management scale and our time with God and our family is less… then we are setting ourselves up for failure. We need God in front and that means we must spend time in His word each day. Giving Him our heart, our time and attention.
We also need our family’ support.  If we leave our family feeling empty because we are so focused on our own goal and our ambitions, then what we are striving for, may not be in line with God’s will.
God does not support us being winners the way that the world does. God wants us to carry each other, lifting each other up. That is how we are made stronger.  We win, when God is FIRST. Before we get out of bed. Before we take time for our achievements – be mindful that the day belongs to God and HIS plans. 
When we take time to read His word, to hear his voice and what He is saying, then we also will make time to hear what our loved one is saying (or not saying) and their love tank won’t be empty. Then we have God’s strength and our loved one’s support. 
God wins.  We win. And our goals are met successfully. 

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