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TOPICS: Big Blue Madness!

It’s really a TGIF when you add Kentucky Men’s Basketball in the mix! The Big Madness game is on! Tune in tonight at 7:00 pm on the SEC channel for the sold our event. What is Big Blue Madness? Big Blue Madness, the first open practice opportunity for UK’s 2018-19 men’s (and women’s) basketball teams.

Tickets are free again this year for the annual spectacle in Rupp Arena, which will feature introductions of both the men’s and women’s basketball teams, practice drills, and videos.

Let’s take a look at our Wildcats! My eye has been on Forward Reid Travis #22.

Of course those who know me, understand that 22 is my favorite number, so my eye is always on #22, but this year (same as it has been for the last five years) #22 is a very good player.

Travis stand at 6’8″ at 238 lbs and his strong points in the Bahamas have been in rebounds and threes. Reid’s brother, Jonah, played basketball at Harvard. BB Talent in the family!

So many of our favorite players are one and done, and as we wish them well, we sure miss Them. Monk, Fox and Adebayo left us last year. I’m glad to see PJ Washington #25 back this year as well as Richards #4 and Green #0. I know Calipari #12rides in the shadow of ‘coaches son’ but I am glad to see him back too. I think he gives us those threes when we need them! I hope he gets more court time this year, but that will only happen if he upped his game. I’m excited to find out how he is doing.

I definitely am praying for Coach Cal and I am always excited to watch him coach. I’d say let’s hope he stays in the box this year, but how can  a great coach like Cal be kept in a box?

~Photo credit:UK


disclaimer: please don’t feel the need to email me to educate me on the Wildcats if you don’t think my opinion is ‘the right opinion’ – I’m a girlie-girl, I don’t know everything about sports and my love for Kentucky Basketball is about more than ‘the sport’  of it. It is more about the heart. And my heart bleeds BLUE.


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