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What Are You Screaming About?

Let’s see… how do I spell AAARRYYAAAAAHHHHHYYAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! That’s how I think many of us are feeling right now. I remember when I was little and if I was aggravated and had pent up energy, my Mama would tell me to go outside and yell at the top of my lungs. She said it would make me feel better. Sometimes it did, sometimes it just left me with a sore throat.

This year has undoubtedly been one in which making plans is practically futile. How can we make plans? Anything we may plan has us tagging it with “We’ll see how it goes.”


I was supposed to get to visit Chattanooga in April to see my youngest granddaughter, but the quarantine changed that. Now I am set to see her in a few days and I have the mindset that nothing is stopping me this time. I have a few friends who were able to take a vacation – risking getting or spreading the virus. We ALL need a vacation, but some of us have to wait. When I go see my granddaughter, I will still practice social distancing and I will only stop once for a bathroom break and I will watch touching things and will wash my hands and wear the (mandated) mask. But I am not going to the beach for R & R even though I really could use it.

This is the first time I believe I have used the phrase, “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” because we have no idea what’s going on or when things will be back to normal – if at all.

Is it hype? Is it serious? I have read too many articles one both sides of the spectrum until it’s all just noise. I had taken a break from Facebook, because even my friends who I love, keep posting these articles or talking about it. Even if I agree with a few, I was just tired of seeing it. So I took a break from that.

My social media time was used getting creamed by my sister in online scrabble lately. At least it gets my mind off everything. But the thing is… nothing is really ‘wrong’ so I should not be this agitated.

My husband still gets to work, and so do all my sons. We have the food and supplies we need, and none of us are sick. So why am I so irritable? The same reason everyone is irritable. The world has gone mad. The government has given us orders that we have to follow and I think it’s the first time in our lifetime, that we don’t have the freedoms we are used to, and no certainty that we ever will again. That’s not only irritating, that’s down right scary.

But, we Christians refuse to live in fear and we are notorious for living by hope. We hope this will all blow over. We hope we continue as a free nation. God WILL work it out. We are certain of that, and that’s probably the only thing we are certain of. Imagine the uncertainty of non-believers… not having any hope. Not having any certainty or promises in the Bible to go by.

And that’s why it is so important to share the good news right now. If we are near the end of times, what do you think God wants us to be doing? Planning for our kid’s college… or for our retirement? Planning a much needed vacation? I don’t remember a verse like that, but I do remember the one that says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Matt 6:33 Or the one that goes, “I know the plans I have for you…” Jer. 29:11

My daughter in-law has been struggling with ankle/tendon issues for two years now, having had surgery and months of recovery, then re-injuring it and now ready for another surgery and recovery time. Imagine her day to day life of trying to be a mom and take care of her household while having a bum foot AND the quarantine on top of it. I have a friend whose husband had a severe case of pneumonia with heart issues all while the quarantine is going on. I cannot imagine her day to day life. I’m sure any plans that were made are put off and she is just in survival mode and on her knees. My pastor’s father died unexpectedly and it was during the height of the quarantine – no funeral. Nothing has been going as planned for anyone, but some are having it twice as hard as others.

That is not to minimalize the frustrations of those who are dealing with mood swings, fear, and irritability. I feel for everyone – those who are running a gantlet during all this and those that are just tired and in limbo and maybe even depressed. I can’t even imagine what the suicide rate of 2020 for those who can’t deal with this very well. That is why, instead of spending our time posting controversial articles on social media, we need to be peacemakers.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

We need to share our hope. We need to be talking about The One who has the answer. The answer to everything.

You see, it’s not that we Christians are all Pollyanna’s who ignore what’s going on, or pretend it’s not there. It’s just that we have a trust in our Father who has the WHOLE WORLD in His hands. And, those of us who cling to His promises (and actually read them) we are not moved by what the enemy – or even our family and friends might fear. And if we can have that peace of mind, that Blessed assurance, why oh why aren’t we sharing that instead of our opinion on race or masks, or statues or elections.

I want my voice about Jesus to be louder than my voice on any other subject. I want Jesus to shine. I want others to know with absolute certainty that whatever happens in this world, they can know that God is in control. Nothing is happening that He doesn’t already know or that He hasn’t made plans for. HE is our provider.

So… maybe I need to go outside and scream, but then I need to leave it with Him. And trust Him. In fact, when I scream… I need to make sure I scream something I can spell…


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