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Regret – A Short Story

“Are you alright, Trevor?”

I rubbed my head, looking over at the driver’s seat.  Trevor’s body was slumped against the cracked window. 

“Trevor!” The reverberating shrill of my voice frightened me, and forced me to admit that my big brother might be dead.

I felt something warm and sticky, and looked down at my left thigh covered in blood. Trying to reach over to Trevor, the agony pulled me back like a rubber band.

“AHHH!” My scream brought Trevor to semi-consciousness, as he moaned.

“Trev!” I exclaimed. “You’re not dead! You’re not dead!”

In relief, hot tears rolled down my face – not something a guy likes to admit, but as long as Trevor was alive,  I wasn’t so afraid. 

The crunched up dashboard had swallowed my leg and I couldn’t move.  Did anyone see the crash? It was dark, and I couldn’t see anything from tree leaves draped across the windshield.

“Help! Somebody… help!”

Trevor was trying to lift his head, “Eric …buddy… are you…okay?” he rasped. Shakily, I responded, “I’m okay, I’m okay,” yet not sure that I believed myself.

Trevor’s face was covered in blood, but he was becoming coherent.  “Eric, I’m so sorry bro.”

Trevor reached down for my leg, and I screamed again.  Jagged edges of the dash, and exposed metal clenched my leg. I couldn’t move it.

“We’ll get you out Eric… I’m sure the police are on their way… they… they have tools that can get you out.  Surely, someone has called… somebody had to have seen us crash.”

Trevor tried to open his door, but it wouldn’t budge.  Trees were surrounding the car.     

 He reached for his phone, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found.  I couldn’t see it either. 

“Oh man… oh man… it’s all my fault.  I’m so sor…” Trevor broke with a sob. I placed my hand on his shoulder, “It’s okay Trev, I know it was an accident. “

Feeling the blood running down my leg, I started feeling woozy. I closed my eyes and breathed out a long breath.  I was kind of angry at my brother. I had kept asking him to put his phone down, but he said it wasn’t a problem. 

It got harder to breathe and I tried to loosen my seat belt.  It had tightened in the crash and felt like it was crushing my ribs. 

“I can’t… I can’t breathe Trev…”

Trevor slapped at my face as he scooted closer to me.  “Stay with me Eric, help will be here soon!” he cried out. It didn’t sound like he believed himself either.

My head tingled and I heard a loud buzzing sound. Was that someone cutting the trees off the car? Were we saved?

I heard Trevor calling to me, but I couldn’t make it out with the buzzing noise. His voice got fainter and it sounded as if my head were in a bucket.  All the sounds around me echoed, but sounded so far away. 

I coughed and felt like I threw up, but I couldn’t lift my head.  I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t hear.  Then, the buzzing stopped.

Everything grew peacefully silent.

2 thoughts on “Regret – A Short Story

    1. Thanks for reading Teresa! Yes. When I started out, I had no idea where I was going with it. I never write sad things – usually positive things, so this was new for me.

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